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What Do Medical Coders Do?

Of all occupations, medical coding professionals enjoy one of the cleanest and most comfortable work environments. They are typically employed in a clinical setting, where lighting is good and work surfaces are organized. As an added bonus, coding professionals have … Continue reading

How Much Do Medical Coders Make?

Medical coding technicians earn an average annual salary of $34,160 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Technicians working in general medicine and surgical hospitals earned an average of $38,860, while technicians in nursing facilities earned an average of $35,060. With … Continue reading

Where Do Medical Billers & Coders Work?

There are over 179,000 medical billers and coders working in the United States today. Here are the facilities with the highest level of employment for medical billers and coders in 2012, according to the the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Facility Employment … Continue reading