Eternal Reefs Growing in Popularity

A team of environmentalists have devised a way to create a ‘living legacy’ to loved ones who pass that can become a sustainable part of the undersea environment and benefit our wildlife.

Back in the 1980’s a pair of divers noticed that the ecological state of their favorite diving points had been deteriorating over time. Their favorite reefs were dissolving and dying leaving countless organisms without a home and an ecosystem in peril. Disheartened yet determined to act, the team developed what they call a ‘Reef Ball’ that “replicates the natural marine environment that supports coral and microorganism development.”

An example of an eternal reef

An example of an eternal reef

As the reef balls grew in popularity the team received a rather unique request. In 1998, Carleton Glen Palmer, the founder’s father-in-law, suggested that when he past his ashes be cast in reef mold. “I can think of nothing better than having all that action going on around me all the time after I am gone – just make sure that the location has lots of red snapper and grouper.” Soon after making his request he past and his last wishes were honored.

Word eventually got out and Eternal Reefs became a popular choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and living memorial for their final resting place. Now the bereaved can take heart knowing that their loved ones aren’t just resting in a plot somewhere but rather helping sustain life in the beautiful blue ocean.

(Source: Eternal Reefs)

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